Arched doors to order: production and installation in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa

The Dorum factory will make custom arched interior doors from MDF.

Arch doors are, as a rule, a swing structure with one or two leaves, but with a rounded vault. There are several forms of this rounding:

  • round contour - in the form of a classic semicircular arch (regular semicircle with a center in the middle of the opening), ellipsoidal, modern (with a high rise), romance (with a straight central part, which is rounded at the corners of the junction to the box);
  • lancet - at the top of the interior door arch, converging lines form an acute angle;
  • Moorish - the top of the arched door resembles a horseshoe.

We will make a door with an arch of any configuration. The only condition is that the opening of the desired shape must be ready by the time the measurer arrives. In Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa we provide turnkey services, which include metering, project preparation, production, installation of an arched interior door under the control of a personal manager.

Manufacturing and subsequent installation of an arched door is a laborious process, so the prices for such services will be higher. For your convenience, we will immediately calculate the total cost of the order.

Dorum arched door design

For the production of arched doors, we use high-quality MDF, micro-spliced ​​softwood timber and reliable consumables from trusted manufacturers. Thanks to this, their price is much lower than that of analogs from the array. However, the aesthetic and operational properties will not be worse, and in some points even better:

  • high-precision CNC machines allow to form any relief and drawing in 3D format;
  • external finishing coating "eco-veneer" made of PVC laminate made in South Korea imitates the color and texture of natural wood of valuable species, but is distinguished by high mechanical strength, resistance to fluctuations in humidity and room temperature, household chemicals;
  • Dorum production is equipped with technological lines for sandblasting glass, applying photo printing to it, shaped cutting according to complex patterns, working with impact-resistant triplex glass.

You can buy a custom-made arched door from us for any interior. Choose the design you like from the online catalog of rectangular models - and the designers will adapt it to the archway. If necessary, we will make an arch door according to an individual sketch. The lead time is from 14 days.

Our advantages
  • Quality

    Full production cycle of interior doors in Ukraine, from timber harvesting to installation at the client's site.

  • Price

    We offer prices for interior doors from the manufacturer at no extra charge.

  • Stylish design

    Dorum Catalog is more than 300 models, as well as the production of interior doors according to individual sketches.

  • Reliability

    20 years of experience in the production of interior doors only from proven raw materials.

  • "Turnkey door!"

    Own service and installation service. Warranty and post-warranty service.