Buy sliding interior doors in Kiev and Kharkov

A distinctive advantage of sliding doors is that, thanks to their design, they save space in the room. If the room is small or the corridors are very narrow, then installing compartment doors is the most appropriate solution.

When choosing a sliding (compartment) type door, there is more free space for arranging furniture, household appliances and interior items.

A sliding compartment door consists of a door leaf itself, two rolling rollers that move along a guide (rail), a lower flag roller, a set of stoppers and a mortise handle.

For sliding doors we use fittings from Laguna (Poland) for door weight up to 100 kg.

The Dorum factory will manufacture custom-made interior sliding doors for the size of your opening. We offer to buy them with delivery all over Ukraine.


There are 2 options for installing sliding doors

The first (the most frequent, less laborious and relatively inexpensive) - the sash moves along the wall

Above the opening, a wooden beam is attached, to which the guide is mounted. At the bottom end of the leaf, a groove is selected for the flag roller, which keeps the sash from lateral vibrations. Retaining plugs reliably protect the rollers from falling out of the rail in extreme positions.

After assembly and adjustment, the mounting bar and the guide, together with the rollers, are closed with a decorative false panel.

Such compartment-type doors can be:

  • single-leaf (single-leaf) - the canvas moves either to the left or to the right relative to the opening;
  • double-leaf (two sashes) are used when the width of the opening is too large (usually more than 1.2 meters), while the canvases move along one guide.


It should be noted that the only drawback of interior compartment doors is poor sound insulation and tightness, due to the need for a gap between the canvas and the wall (about 5 mm).

When installing an interior compartment door, the question of interior decoration of the portal of the opening remains.

There is an option of wallpapering or tiling, but, unfortunately, in the process of human activity, the openings get dirty, the corners are knocked off, the wallpaper is pulled up. An elegant and practical solution would be to manufacture a decorative false MDF box with the same coating as the door leaf. The design reliably protects the opening from mechanical stress, and the decorative coating is as easy to maintain as it is to the furniture.

The second option for installing a sliding door - the sash moves inside the wall

When open, the sliding door goes into a prepared niche inside the wall.

Such an installation scheme is possible only at the stage of erecting partitions and is more expensive. For installation, it is necessary to provide access to the cavity inside the opening. Simply put, the wall frame is erected, then the door block is installed. After that, the wall frame is sewn up with plasterboard and the final finishing work is carried out.

Turnkey sliding sliding door at manufacturer's price in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa

To buy inexpensively a two- or one-leaf sliding door "Dorum" with installation in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa, choose a model from any of our series: Classic, Elegance, Techno, Modern, Art. After that, contact the manager to call the measurer:

  • The foreman on site will appreciate the possibility of installing a sliding interior door and take all the necessary measurements.
  • The installers will carry out installation work in a professional and reliable manner.

We have reasonable prices. The manufacturer's warranty is provided for the door block, fittings and work.

We are confident that our sliding doors will last for many years and will create comfort and coziness in your home.

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