Buy roto-doors at the manufacturer's price: representative offices in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa

Do you want easy-to-use and compact interior doors? We recommend buying products with a roto mechanism. They successfully combine the advantages of a pendulum, swing and sliding mechanism - they open in both directions and allow rational use of the adjacent space. During opening, the leaf simultaneously moves to the side and swings open. This solution looks stylish, original, and has many advantages.


The corporate online store of the Dorum factory will help you buy a roto-door with one or two leaves. Choose a design that is presented in our catalogs, or offer an author's sketch. We are able to produce any model in a rotary format at the best price. We deliver orders throughout Ukraine.

Features of the design of the rotary door

The main secret is the use of a unique patented TM Ergon Living mechanism (Italy), which provides a special trajectory of the canvas movement. It is installed on a standard door leaf and comes complete with it.

The main part of the roto fittings is in the box, therefore, in the closed position, the interior pivot door is almost the same as the traditional swing door. Our products are equipped with the Italian ERGON living rotor mechanism, which is distinguished by its exceptional durability, reliability, reliability and ease of use. AGB Mediana Polaris magnetic lock is used for fixing in a closed state.

Advantages of roto doors

  • The use of rotary interior doors allows you to significantly save the space of your apartment or office, as well as more efficiently arrange furniture and interior items.

  • The roto door opens in both directions - both in the direction of travel and in the opposite direction.

  • Interior swing doors work very quietly - they do not slam under the influence of a draft, they open with minimal physical effort. The movement of the mechanism is completely silent, so the product is perfect for a bedroom, nursery, office.
  • Roto doors save energy and protect from external noise, as they are equipped with brush seals. They are not afraid of drafts, the room is warm or cool, sound waves are absorbed.
  • Doors with a roto opening system look unusual, stylish and modern.

Turnkey installation of pivot doors

We recommend ordering interior rotary doors with a turnkey installation service. Representative offices of our factory are organized in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa. Experienced consultants will help you choose the model, and the measurer and the installation team will make sure that the product fits the opening exactly. We provide a guarantee both for the door unit and for work.

Our advantages
  • Quality

    Full production cycle of interior doors in Ukraine, from timber harvesting to installation at the client's site.

  • Price

    We offer prices for interior doors from the manufacturer at no extra charge.

  • Stylish design

    Dorum Catalog is more than 300 models, as well as the production of interior doors according to individual sketches.

  • Reliability

    20 years of experience in the production of interior doors only from proven raw materials.

  • "Turnkey door!"

    Own service and installation service. Warranty and post-warranty service.