Coplanar doors - a modern solution for the interior

The use of coplanar systems is a modern solution in interior door systems. Coplanar boxes do not protrude above the wall, but go with it in the same plane. Therefore, the platband does not stick out and becomes invisible. This provides a minimalistic look and visually saves space. Coplanar doors, even when open, do not require additional space and do not interfere. The door factory "Dorum" offers ready-made frames in standard sizes, as well as custom-made systems.

What you need to know about coplanar doors

Coplanar systems differ from classical ones. The door leaf and platband are on the same plane. This effect can be achieved due to the design features of the door frame and platband, as well as hidden hinges. So, in the closed state, the loops "hide" behind the system. In a coplanar frame, the door leaf with front platbands are on the same plane when viewed from the side of the door opening.

The system was named after the vector coplanarity effect. To put it simply, this is the principle of bringing vectors to a single whole so that they are at the same level.

What are coplanar ducts for? They significantly save space in small rooms, are minimalistic, but at the same time look elegant and stylish.

Benefits of coplanar door systems

The main ones have already been named: space saving and aesthetics. They also consider the following as undoubted advantages:

  • ease of use;
  • reliability of use;
  • silent cycles of opening-closing;


Coplanar doors are universal: they are installed in cottages and apartments, offices and public premises, in entertainment establishments. They are suitable for everyday use.

The door leaf necessarily has a reliable mortise mechanism (usually with a magnetic tongue), hidden door hinges and handles. For the system to serve for a really long time, it is important to install it correctly. Only a specialist with the necessary professional knowledge can cope with the task.

Our company offers 2 options for the manufacture of coplanar systems.

Option 1






The junction of the platband with the box is visible from the side of the door opening


Option 2




The junction of the casing with the box is visible from the inside when the door is open



Coplanar door materials

The manufacturer's task is to choose the right materials for such door systems. Usually, the following solutions are used for a coplanar casing, box and canvas:

  • wood - a natural solid for linen and moldings. The cost of the system is above average. Ready-made options are suitable for interiors relying on environmentally friendly finishing materials
  • lightweight, empty door leaf - a solution for economy class door systems. The price is below average. Light weight is the only advantage. The canvas is easy to damage and does not last long;
  • glued solid wood for the production of the leaf - this solution provides good wear resistance. Suitable for minimalist interiors;
  • coverings made of eco-veneer, veneer, paper, film - surface characteristics will differ depending on the selected material. The best indicators of aesthetics and durability are with veneer and eco-veneer.


Some disadvantages of doors with a coplanar system should be noted:

  • higher cost compared to traditional swing doors due to the high cost of hidden hinges
  • increased requirements for the quality of preparation of openings before installing door blocks, the coplanar system requires perfectly flat walls in all planes
  • the coplanarity effect can be achieved only on one side - the door opening side, on the back side a standard platband fastening system will be used


When choosing coplanar doors, trust trusted manufacturers. The Dorum door factory provides high quality products, a large selection of models and gives a branded quality guarantee.

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