Painted interior doors to order in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa

The Dorum factory offers to buy interior doors from MDF, painted in the color you need. We will make a door block of any design and design for non-standard doorways. In Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa, turnkey services are provided:

  • an experienced measurer will come to you with a catalog and samples of available colors;
  • the design you like is adapted to the existing doorway and is given to production;
  • when the painted interior doors are ready, our transport service will bring them and unload them;
  • a team of qualified installers will install painted MDF doors in compliance with all technological standards.

A personal manager supervises the work at all stages.

We will offer reasonable prices. A guarantee is given for the product itself, fittings and installation work.

Advantages of Dorum painted interior doors

For the topcoat, we use the products of ILVA Polimeri, the leading Italian company that produces everything you need for painting products from natural wood and MDF. The technology for applying paints and varnishes to the surface of the canvas is as follows:

  • Products are carefully putty and polished, removing even the smallest defects and irregularities.
  • The first layer of paint is applied - after it dries, the surface is re-sanded.
  • The product is considered ready for use after another 2-3 layers of paint are applied.

Painted interior doors - more than 200 colors from the RAL catalog. Painting technologies give the surface various effects - metallic, mother of pearl, cracolet and others. Other finishing methods cannot boast of such a variety.

From an operational point of view, interior doors, painted with high-quality paintwork materials:

  • easy to clean - any dirt and dust can be easily removed from a smooth surface;
  • resistant to aggressive environmental factors - they retain their initial geometry under prolonged exposure to moisture and high temperatures, therefore, they are recommended for kitchens, showers and toilets;
  • can be repaired - local defects can be eliminated without visible traces.

To order a painted interior door in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa, you just need to choose a model from the online catalog on the website and specify the color from the RAL palette . We will do the rest: we will manufacture it within the agreed time frame, deliver it with care and install it with high quality.


Our advantages
  • Quality

    Full production cycle of interior doors in Ukraine, from timber harvesting to installation at the client's site.

  • Price

    We offer prices for interior doors from the manufacturer at no extra charge.

  • Stylish design

    Dorum Catalog is more than 300 models, as well as the production of interior doors according to individual sketches.

  • Reliability

    20 years of experience in the production of interior doors only from proven raw materials.

  • "Turnkey door!"

    Own service and installation service. Warranty and post-warranty service.