Production of interior doors at the Dorum factory


The frame of the door leaves is made of solid coniferous wood. Specially prepared wood is glued in hot presses. Thanks to this, interior doors acquire:

  • stability and mechanical strength;
  • resistance to temperature and humidity extremes.

We use German glue Rakoll d3 for joinery and woodworking, which is characterized by increased water resistance.

Drawing on the surface of the door leaf

The decorative pattern is applied by a high-precision CNC machining center. Diamond cutters provide precise and clean lines.

We use 3D 3D engraving technology. The result is visually almost indistinguishable from a canvas made of solid natural wood - the cutter does not leave external rounding radii.

Finishing decorative coating

Eco-veneer made in South Korea is used for cladding interior doors. It is a PVC film with 3D texture imitating the pattern of natural wood of noble species:

  • The finishing of the parts that are part of the prefabricated interior doors is carried out by automated wrapping lines.
  • Volumetric panels are veneered in membrane vacuum presses.
  • The technology provides a strong and durable connection of the PVC laminating film with the elements of the door leaf and frame.


The glass processing workshop is equipped with modern technological equipment. With its help we equip interior doors with glass:

  • triplex with a high degree of security;
  • complex curvilinear shape;
  • with artistic sandblasting;
  • with photo printing.

Thanks to this, you can order interior doors of any desired design in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa.

Our advantages
  • Quality

    Full production cycle of interior doors in Ukraine, from timber harvesting to installation at the client's site.

  • Price

    We offer prices for interior doors from the manufacturer at no extra charge.

  • Stylish design

    Dorum Catalog is more than 300 models, as well as the production of interior doors according to individual sketches.

  • Reliability

    20 years of experience in the production of interior doors only from proven raw materials.

  • "Turnkey door!"

    Interior doors in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine with installation: our own team of installers, warranty and post-warranty service.