Door knob Capella-LD40

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Vendor: Armadillo

A new type of door handles ARMADILLO mark is made on the modern European equipment. Eight protective layers sequentially applied to the handle body on the multilayer coating technology - TITANIUM provide high resistance to external influences and flawless appearance throughout the service life of the door handles.

  • Фото 0 - Capella-LD40 Capella-LD40 - Brushed Nickel Chrome
  • Фото 1 - Capella-LD40 Capella-LD40 - Matt gold
  • Фото 2 - Capella-LD40 Capella-LD40 - Gold-chrome
  • Фото 3 - Capella-LD40 Capella-LD40 - Bronze-gold
Product details:
Door property Value
Coating color: Bronze-gold, Gold matt gold, Gold-chrome, Brushed Nickel Chrome

TITANIUM technology used in the manufacture of pens includes: 1. High-tech base alloy ZAMAK, which comprises (brass, zinc, copper, and increase the strength of the alloy additives). 2. A layer of copper applied after preliminary polishing base, which provides adhesion between the material and the handle bondcoat. 3. The nickel layer leveling even minute irregularities remain after final polishing, and providing additional strength to the coating. 4. Colourant layer of metal, which gives the original color of the handle. 5. An additional layer of metal, which gives a unique shade depth. 6. The cermet layer confers strength and protection from chemical attack. 7. Dual lacquer coating that protects the surface of the handle from the environment. 8. Etch laser trademark logo ARMADILLO.
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