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A traditional sliding door, with all its advantages, has one aesthetic drawback - it is a visible guide along which the door leaf actually moves.
You can mask this guide in 3 ways.
Method 1 is a decorative cornice, which is made in the color of the door leaf

Functional, reliable, but not very aesthetically pleasing.
Method 2 is to hide the guide in a specially prepared niche, into which the door hides when opening.

Reliable, aesthetically pleasing, but associated with time-consuming preparatory and construction work and complex installation of a sliding door.
Method 3 - do not hide the system at all, the so-called doors with the Loft sliding system, or barn doors.

Functional, reliable, but the design is not for everybody.
But progress does not stand still, and Italian engineers have developed a 4-way camouflage guide for a sliding door.
We present to your attention perhaps the most unusual way to hide the guide for a sliding door.

The Magic Sliding System is an opening system in which the rail is integrated into the door leaf and is attached from the rear side of the door leaf facing the wall.

A door on such a system slides smoothly along the wall, and seems to float in the air. This effect is created due to the fact that all the details of the guide are not visible when the door is open or closed.

When installing the Magic system, increased demands are made on the quality of repair and finishing work.
Smooth walls of the doorway are required to prevent displacement of the canvas when opening vertically. In order to ensure durable and high-quality operation of the mechanism, the walls should be as close to ideal as possible, the angle of conjugation between the wall and the floor is 90 degrees.
A design feature of the system is the presence of support rollers at the bottom of the web.

The roller carriage does not notice the joints of tiles or parquet boards. However, with large differences in floor level, its preparation and leveling is required.
The installed dampers soften the movement of the door in the extreme positions, when opening and closing.
You can order a sliding door with a hidden guide Magic in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, complete with a turnkey service. To other cities of Ukraine we send a set ready for installation by a transport company.

Watch the installation video of a sliding door with hidden track Magic:

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