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Folding door "KOMPAK" is a modern swing-and-slide door opening system, in which the door leaf is divided into 2 symmetrical parts, which, when opened, fold in half, move in the direction of opening and are located along the wall, pressing against it at a minimum distance.

With this method of opening the door, there is more room for the location of furniture and interior items.

Door open

Door closed



This system is a worthy replacement for traditional opening systems, which gives maximum space for life and absolute freedom of the interior, being a unique element that goes beyond the usual framework. This system will be the ideal solution for decorating dressing rooms, utility rooms or openings where the classic type of opening will create inconvenience. The system has a side opening to the right or to the left.
Unlike the “KNIZHKA” system, the “COMPAC” system has two significant advantages:

  • When open, the door leaves completely free the opening. This is especially important for narrow openings, dressing rooms, storerooms, utility rooms.
  • When closed, the leaves provide a higher level of sound and heat insulation, thanks to the use of a traditional door frame with a quarter.

The set includes - 2 canvases of the same width, a door frame with a groove seal,

actually the COMPAC system itself from the Italian manufacturer Celegon. 

AGB Mediana Polaris mechanism with magnetic pull, door handle set.
The design feature of the Kompak door system is that in the folded state the curtains are pressed against each other with a minimum gap;
therefore, it is not possible to put a lever handle on the inside of the door.

We offer the option of installing a mortise handle with a rotary ring. Which perfectly copes with the task of opening the door, but at the same time protrudes beyond the plane of the canvas by only 5 mm.

To order, you can choose any model of the door from our catalog , or offer your own version of the door leaf design.

Video of door installation with Compack system.



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