This page contains video materials about the work of the Dorum company

1. Video of installation of a swing interior door


2. Video of installing a sliding interior door


3. Video of installation of a decorative false box



An interior door is one of the most important elements in the design of a room, which also solves other problems. For the full performance of all its functions, the door must be correctly installed - this is a necessary quality condition.

On this page, we have created for you a video tutorial on the installation of interior doors, which demonstrates the work of the masters of the Dorum factory. These videos show the installation process of swing and sliding interior doors in accordance with all requirements, and also contain other useful tips.

With their help, you will learn what to expect from door installers when working with Dorum products. After watching these videos, you will surely notice how easy and quick the doors are to install. You can really count on the quality of work that the Dorum masters demonstrate in their video materials. We guarantee the accuracy, efficiency and professionalism of the installation, as well as a minimum of dust and noise. You can be sure that any custom-made door comes with all the necessary components from the factory and does not require additional adjustment.

On the other hand, despite the ease and simplicity with which the masters work on video, there are a number of nuances in the installation of custom-made interior doors that only professionals know. We partially show these moments in our videos, but we do not recommend assembling the doors yourself. Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity, because professionals with many years of experience work on the video.

The Dorum company provides a guarantee for all products when installed by our craftsmen. To eliminate possible difficulties in the further operation of the door, use the services of professionals.

May your doors always only delight you!

Our advantages
  • Quality

    Full production cycle of interior doors in Ukraine, from timber harvesting to installation at the client's site.

  • Price

    We offer prices for interior doors from the manufacturer at no extra charge.

  • Stylish design

    Dorum Catalog is more than 300 models, as well as the production of interior doors according to individual sketches.

  • Reliability

    20 years of experience in the production of interior doors only from proven raw materials.

  • "Turnkey door!"

    Interior doors in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine with installation: our own team of installers, warranty and post-warranty service.