Painted interior doors: how to choose them and stay satisfied

The door is needed to protect the room, but today it is also used as a decor. A correctly selected model will perfectly fit into the interior, and will become a real decoration of the room. Models made of noble wood, such as oak or ash, are highly valued among buyers. The wooden door is distinguished by increased strength characteristics, long service life and aesthetics. But this is not the most budgetary option. If you want to install an original and durable door, then turn your attention to painted MDF doors. They are much more affordable at cost. However, this does not affect the quality. Painted interior doors can last for decades with minimal maintenance - you just need to periodically wipe off the dust and treat it with a detergent during cleaning.

They easily fit into any design, since usually the manufacturer offers the same model in several colors. But if you are looking for a unique color, you will most likely have to switch to a different lineup. In most cases, a company dealing with the creation of painted doors offers up to a dozen classic shades. But this is more a matter of taste. The same can be said about the style of performance: some people really like painted models, while others, this option, on the contrary, scares away. In other words, the door for the room is selected individually. If you are still undecided, it is best to use the help of a consulting manager and not waste time.

Materials for creating a painted door are: MDF, chipboard, plywood, natural wood. The best-selling is MDF, since it is environmentally friendly, durable, easy to process and affordable.

Correct selection of interior doors
One of the main criteria when choosing a model is the quality of the coating. It often happens that a person has acquired a good door, but over time, the surface began to fade, crack and give in to changes after each wash using chemistry. As a result, the coating is worn out and the need for replacement or repainting. Therefore, always look at the quality of the paint and its stability. The surface should not react to moisture, as well as various chemicals and ultraviolet rays. If you want not only to protect the room from strangers, but also to diversify the interior, then use our advice. In the list below, you will find some interesting solutions that will make your home more mysterious.

Secret entrance and exit. The principle is simple: choose a door to match the color of the wall, and then attention will be focused on other details of the interior, and the doorway will become almost invisible.

Snow-white Provence style door. Looks luxurious, relatively inexpensive. Such a model will decorate any room.

Author's improvisation. A solid-colored door looks stylish in offices, but sometimes an interesting option is needed for an ordinary bedroom. You can decorate the door yourself with inscriptions, drawings, shells, souvenirs, etc. It all depends on your imagination.

Foil with self-adhesive side. This is a great alternative to paint: you can buy the most ordinary door and stick an ornamental film on the surface. There are a lot of different colors on the market.
How the door will look in the room - you decide. But it is better to decide in advance on the design and develop a sketch of the room. Any models are presented in the catalogs of the online store. Choose, estimate, and do not forget to consult with a consultant!

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