Interior doors in Kharkіv from the Dorum factory

Optima series (Optima)
26 models

Optima doors - belong to a series of side (prefabricated) doors. Standing doors are manufactured using edgeless wrapping technology (the front and edge parts of the door leaf are solid). The door leaf is resistant to moisture and dampness, does not require special maintenance. The doors have high indicators of maintainability - any damaged part of the leaf can be replaced. Optima series - doors with unusual design and regular price.

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Light series (Light)
12 models

The Light series of doors is made using frame panel technology with a honeycomb filling inside. The low weight of the door leaf facilitates installation and reduces the load on the door hardware. The door structure is distinguished by high indicators of moisture resistance and strength. The modern appearance and budget price makes the door of this series an excellent solution for the effective completion of renovations in an apartment or office.

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Classic Series (Classic)
27 models

The classic style of interior doors, which is always popular and in great demand, is austerity, sophistication of decorative finishing, symmetrical curved lines. Interior doors in a classic style from our online store emphasize the peace and confidence of a luxurious interior, create a sense of stability.

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Prestige Series (Prestige)
6 models

Delicate things transform a home into something special and create a sense of luxury. For the most demanding interior aesthetics requirements, the Prestige series was created. The unique design of the doors is distinguished by the original profile of the pattern, capitals, peculiar only to this collection. The finishing of the canvas is made using patination technology, which provides excellent aesthetic and operational parameters.

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Elegance series (Elegance)
17 models

Elegant designs, with their appearance creating the impression of weightlessness and airiness, amaze the imagination with a special amazing chic. If you are looking for sophistication of the highest class, we recommend buying interior doors in the Elegance style. Every detail carries an element of lightness and light.

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Techno series (Techno)
36 models

Austere, slightly cold Techno style. Its characteristic features are strictly delineated geometric lines. Interior doors in the Techno style complement the overall picture of the room, where the main idea is to recreate the visual image of a modern interior - a lot of metal, stone, glass.

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Trend Series
12 models

The main feature of this series is the simplicity of geometry and silhouette: clear straight lines, laconicism and originality. The austere design makes these models versatile and lightweight. Painted glass inserts or aluminum moldings are the highlight of the models in this series. Such doors will fit into interiors made in modern modern or minimalist style. We do not follow the trend, we create it!

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Verona series (Verona)
16 models

The Verona series is an expression of fashion trends and style of a modern interior. Doors with laminated triplex glass are characterized by increased strength and safety. Laconic design and severity of lines, combined with practicality and beauty, do not clutter up the space, creating a wonderful background for the embodiment of your ideas in the interior.

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Modern series (Modern)
42 models

The use of new technologies and materials in the production of interior doors has made it possible to embody modern fashion trends in design. It is ideal to order interior doors from this series to create interiors of modern spacious apartments with a minimum of walls and partitions, including studio apartments. They are also suitable for connoisseurs of functional solutions and laconic minimalism.

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ART series (Art)
18 models plus your imagination

To achieve the fullest expression of your individuality when decorating your personal space, order interior doors of the Art series. A unique opportunity is provided by the technology of direct photo printing on the door leaf. UV curable inks provide image reliability and durability.

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Secret Doors
200 models

Hidden doors are a completely new approach to doorway design. An aluminum profile is used as a frame, which allows the structure to be installed in such a way that the door frame is not visible. We offer various design solutions for finishing doors that will successfully complement the interior of any room.

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Catalog of interior doors

The catalog of custom-made interior doors in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine includes over 250 basic designs and over 40 finishing colors. If you have not picked up a model of the canvas from our collection - suggest your version and we will implement the design of interior doors according to your sketches. Production time from 14 days for an opening of any size.

The current catalog of models of interior doors in pdf format is available download here .

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Door constructions

Our factory manufactures all types of interior doors that exist today for an apartment, office, private house. Traditional hinged and sliding door blocks are available to order, as well as recently become popular "book" designs, with roto system, invisible. In addition, we offer arched, painted and non-standard products in terms of size and design. In Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa you can order interior doors with a "turnkey" service, including measurement, delivery and installation.

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Dorum interior doors - reviews of our clients

  • Андрей
    03 february 2021, 09:51

    Хочу выразить благодарность компании DORUM за прекрасные двери. Заказал двустворчатые двери в гостиную, причём двухцветные, под интерьер коридора и гостиной. Заказ оформил 05/01, двери установили вчера 02/02, даже немного раньше, чем ожидали. На замеры приехал квалифицированный технолог, выполнил свою работу очень ответственно (было с чем сравнить после приездов некоторых поставщиков дверей). При обсуждении заказа дал несколько дельных советов. Ребята-сборщики установили двери на 5+, не нашёл, к чему придраться. Спасибо большое всем сотрудникам за качественную работу!

  • Елена
    15 april 2020, 20:27

    Заказьівали межкомнатньіе двери. Остались довольньі. Хорошая работа замерщика и установщиков. Двери качественньіе. Все отлично.

  • Наталья Светличная. Руководитель Радиогруппы Харьковского региона
    02 october 2019, 16:14

    Хочу от всего сердца поблагодарить слаженный коллектив фирмы «Дорум». Все внутренние двери в новой квартире выглядят идеально. Решена проблема с двухцветной дверкой, исполнение, качество и установка соответствуют самым высоким стандартам.

Our advantages
  • Quality

    Full production cycle of interior doors in Ukraine, from timber harvesting to installation at the client's site.

  • Price

    We offer prices for interior doors from the manufacturer at no extra charge.

  • Stylish design

    Dorum Catalog is more than 300 models, as well as the production of interior doors according to individual sketches.

  • Reliability

    20 years of experience in the production of interior doors only from proven raw materials.

  • "Turnkey door!"

    Interior doors in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine with installation: our own team of installers, warranty and post-warranty service.

Factory «Dorum» has been producing interior doors in Kharkov since 2003

By 2003, the Ukrainian market for the construction of primary housing moved to new standards. Many construction companies in Kiev, Kharkov and other cities began to offer open-plan apartments. After the completion of the repair, the openings turned out to be of non-standard dimensions in height, width and depth. Ready-made interior doors from the warehouse did not fit them.

Another significant trend is the involvement of professional interior designers. Their designs required different models of door panels and portals to match the style of the entire space.

The Ukrainian market needed manufacturers of interior doors that would:

  • flexibly changed the size of the door leaf, box, platbands;
  • rapidly developing new collections;
  • carried out finishing according to the wishes of clients;
  • at the same time, they offered an affordable price list for interior doors to order and a reasonable production time.

The solution to this problem was the sale of interior doors made of MDF with a PVC coating, imitating the decorative properties of valuable wood species. It was on their manufacture that the Dorum company from Kharkov first of all focused.

Thanks to our developments, you can inexpensively buy interior doors from Ukrainian-made MDF, both wholesale and retail. And this is a reasonable price and fast delivery to Kiev and other settlements.

We invite business clients from Kiev, Kharkov and other cities to cooperate. If you are the owner of a trade salon or store of interior doors, you are engaged in complex repairs or installation of joinery, develop interior designs, then you will find a reliable partner in our person. We provide a price list with wholesale prices for internal doors upon individual request.

MDF inner door leaf construction

A standard door leaf consists of:

  • supporting frame made of coniferous timber spliced ​​on a microthorn - this ensures high strength and resistance of the interior door to changes in humidity and temperature;
  • massive 10 mm MDF sheets glued to the frame on both sides - they are suitable for decorative processing with profile cutters with a cutting depth of up to 8 mm;
  • finish coating with PVC film - on interior doors this material very realistically imitates the texture and pattern of noble wood, but several times surpasses it in resistance to temperature changes, high and low humidity, does not collapse under constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation, withstands more intense mechanical stress. In this case, the repeatability of the shade does not depend on the production batch.

High-precision CNC milling machines are used to form the pattern. The technology makes it possible to depict a complex decorative pattern or relief. The manufacture of a non-standard model is limited only by the time of its computer development, which takes several hours. Thanks to the great experience of craftsmen and high-precision equipment, we offer to buy interior doors at a price that will be optimal in Kiev, Kharkov for such a high quality.

Materials and technologies used by the manufacturer of interior doors "Dorum"

We regularly participate in exhibitions, follow fashion trends in interior design and the wishes of end consumers. The factory uses the information obtained to solve your problems in the best way:

  • the catalog contains 250 ready-made, developed models;
  • we will make internal doors of any complexity according to the client's sketch;
  • through the website of the online store, you can order interior doors with delivery to Kharkov, Kiev and other regions of Ukraine.

We offer our customers all popular types of door block designs:

For finishing and decoration we use high quality modern materials:

  • lamination of PVC interior doors (60 colors in stock, more than 500 on request);
  • acrylic enamels (about 200 colors);
  • glass - satin, patterned, sandblasted, triplex, fusing.

Inexpensive interior doors from the Ukrainian manufacturer Dorum are made from certified and environmentally friendly raw materials:

  • MDF plates Kronospan (Poland), Egger (Austria);
  • PVC coatings of the Fine Vinyl (South Korea), Orchard (USA),
    Renolit (Germany) trademarks ;
  • Henkel (Germany), Kleiberit (Germany) adhesives;
  • ILVA Polimeri paints and varnishes (Italy).

The finished structures undergo strict quality control and are certified in the UkrSepro system.

Buying an interior door to Dorum is the best price-quality ratio for environmentally friendly products.

Frequently asked questions about "Dorum" interior doors

☑ Are you a direct manufacturer or only sell interior doors?

We provide full-cycle services - from the development of a design project to the manufacture and installation of finished products at the client's facility. We control quality at every stage of production and guarantee a flawless result. The production facilities for the production of interior doors are located in Kharkov. The factory is equipped with modern equipment, which employs experienced craftsmen. For the convenience of customers, branches have been opened in Kiev and a number of other cities of Ukraine.

☑ How can you find out the exact cost of an interior door?

We manufacture custom-made door blocks for a specific opening. The final price for interior doors depends on the size of the finished product, the selected fittings (there can be regular or hidden hinges, a handle with or without a lock), and so on. The exact cost will be calculated by the measurer only after visiting the object or by the manager for the measurements you provided. From experience we can say that it does not differ much from the estimated prices indicated in the catalog on the site.

☑ Do you sell ready-made serial interior doors in standard sizes?

All interior doors in Kharkov at the factory are made according to individual sizes. A difference of even 1 cm can lead to the fact that the interior doors do not fit into your opening, both in height and in width or depth. Production time - from 14 working days. If you want to become our dealer, the factory has a special partnership program, within which we will provide exhibition samples at a preferential price.

☑ Can you immediately install interior doors?

Of course! We measure and install interior doors in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Khmelnitsky. Installation work performed by our team is provided with a separate warranty.


Часті питання про міжкімнатні двері «Дорум»

✓ Ви - безпосередній виробник або тільки продаєте міжкімнатні двері?

Ми надаємо послуги повного циклу - від розробки дизайн-проекту до виготовлення та встановлення готових виробів на об'єкті клієнта. Ми контролюємо якість на кожному етапі виробництва і гарантуємо бездоганний результат. Розташовані виробничі потужності з виготовлення міжкімнатних дверей в Харкові. Фабрика оснащена сучасним обладнанням, на якому працюють досвідчені майстри. Для зручності клієнтів в ряді міст України відкриті філії.

✓ Як можна дізнатися точну вартість міжкімнатних дверей?

Ми виготовляємо дверні блоки на замовлення під конкретний проріз. Остаточна ціна на міжкімнатні двері залежить від розмірів готового виробу, обраної фурнітури (можуть бути звичайні або приховані петлі, ручка з замком або без) і так далі. Точну вартість прорахує заміряє тільки після виїзду на об'єкт або менеджер по наданим вами вимірами. З досвіду можемо сказати, що вона не сильно відрізняється від орієнтовних цін, зазначених в каталозі на сайті.

✓ Ви продаєте готові серійні міжкімнатні двері стандартних розмірів?

Всі міжкімнатні двері в Харкові на фабриці робляться за індивідуальними розмірами. Різниця навіть в 1 см може призвести до того, що міжкімнатні двері не встануть в ваш проріз як по висоті, так і по ширині або глибині. Термін виготовлення - від 14 робочих днів. Якщо ви хочете стати нашим дилером, то у фабрики є спеціальна партнерська програма, в рамках якої ми за пільговою ціною надамо виставкові зразки.

✓ Чи можете ви відразу і встановити міжкімнатні двері?

Звісно! Ми виробляємо завмер і установку міжкімнатних дверей в Харкові, Києві, Одесі, Хмельницькому. На монтажні роботи, виконані нашою бригадою, надається окрема гарантія.

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